Customer Experience
Perhaps the most open form of mystery shopping

In order to retain customers and win new customers on a long-term basis, customer satisfaction is by no means enough. Rather, companies must exceed the expectations of their customers, thereby creating surprise effects that ultimately generate enthusiasm. Because it is only this enthusiasm that is long-lasting in the memories of the customers.

In contrast to the more objective evaluation level of classic mystery shopping, customer experience is about the subjectively influenced perception of the customer. Our mystery shoppers are specially trained so that we can reproduce the subjective experience of your customers and the emotions that go with, make them measurable and comprehensible. The further processing of the customer experience data is in the best hands with us, as we prepare such evaluations for the majority of our project reports and thus have extensive and always up-to-date experience.

We all know that the emotional level is the key element for an excellent customer experience. To measure this dimension, we have developed a special tool called the Service Quality Index (SQI). This index represents the behaviour of the salesperson and the emotional impact on the customer. It is based on four level assessment.

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