Real Estate

Mystery Shopping is a popular tool for companies to objectively measure their own quality aspects and to identify strengths and weaknesses. Originally used mainly in the retail sector, this method is becoming increasingly important in the real estate sector as well.

In classic mystery shopping, our mystery shopper slip into the role of a real customer and create realistic consultation situations. They receive a consultation and carry out test purchases.

In addition to sensitizing employees to the wishes and demands of your customers, it is also possible to identify specific training needs and, consequently, to increase customer satisfaction by improving service quality.

The derivation of specific recommendations for action makes it possible to optimize internal processes, which both allows important conclusions to be drawn in comparison to the competitor and to perform benchmarking of one's own company.

Supplementary to the classic Mystery Shopping, we offer direct feedback after the test purchase. Immediately after the consultation the employee receives feedback from a specially trained Mystery Shopper. Using this prompt feedback you have a possibility to reflect weak points more easily and to implement possible improvements faster.

In addition to classic mystery shopping, our portfolio also includes mystery calls or mystery mails and much more. Generate valuable insights with Mystery Shopping!

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