Financial Services & Insurances

The financial services sector, currently undergoing fundamental changes, is closely watched by various sides. Ever-increasing levels of digitalization and globalisation are leading to far-reaching changes in customer behaviour: Customers are more informed and more demanding than ever before. This lowers customer's levels of trust, thus intensifying the competitive situation of financial service providers. Customer volatility and willingness to change have never been higher, and changing financial service providers is easier than ever before. So an optimal design and use of a provider's various touchpoints with the customer have become a critical factor of success, which you should not miss to tap into. 

Mystery shopping in the financial services sector enables you to uncover and optimise weak points at all relevant customer contact points. With many years of experience and innovative methods, transfer develops individual instruments that not only help you to control the quality of sales and consultation even better, but also to identify unused potential.

Regulation in this sector is also immense. To ensure compliance with all of these regulations, you need independent eyes and ears to audit and monitor your outlets. With our mystery shopping methods, we can help you to minimize risks and protect the reputation of your brand.

In addition to classical methods such as measuring standards, we also offer numerous other study types:

Standard types of studies:

  • Account opening
  • Regular investments
  • Financial investments
  • Construction financing
  • (Old-age) provision (consultation of new customers and follow-up)

Special types of studies:

  • Comprehensive consulting
  • Revision of coaching measures
  • Sales cooperations
  • New distribution channels and concepts
  • Business customers
  • High-end customers
  • Existing customers
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