Recommendation Management
Vendor recommendation uncovered:
How vendors influence customers' buying decisions.

Especially in the multi-brand trade, a central question arises for the manufacturer: To what extent does the salesperson introduce the manufacturer's product into the sales argumentation, or does he even advise the customer against it? 

Through their product recommendations, salespeople decisively contribute to the customer's purchase decision: A lack of expertise or motivation on the part of the salesperson can quickly lead to declining sales or even a reputational loss for your company.

Systematic Mystery Shopping enables you to shed light on this aspect and uncover potential training needs of your employees! Then, through targeted salesperson coaching, you will ensure that your multi-brand salespersons are in a position to deliver your product correctly and positively to your customers.

Your competitor is not sitting idle and measures the recommendation readiness of their sellers through Mystery Shopping on their part! Find out together with us which aspects are there to optimize - request your individual Mystery Shopping offer from us now!

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