Omnichannel Sales Excellence
Winning new customers with excellent salespeople

Mobile technologies, big data, omnichannel capabilities - there are many technical areas in which stationary retail today must invest and develop. As customers become more and more hybrid consumers with high expectations of all distribution channels, the demands placed on store salespeople have also increased dramatically. The majority of customers pre inform themselves online, but often are undecided whether to buy locally or online. Research also shows that there is an increased willingness to purchase once the customer is physically inside the store.

At exactly this point of contact, the competence of a salesperson decides whether a customer does purchase, or postpones the decision to buy later, perhaps online, or even worse, at a competitor. In this situation, the salesperson is the pivotal player.

With this in mind, we have developed a program that enables your salespeople to deliver the best advice and sales performance at the right moment - turning potential buyers into enthusiastic customers: Omnichannel Sales Excellence and Omnichannel Readiness.

Through a combination of specific test purchases, your employees benefit from the interplay of analysis and coaching, thus securing a decisive competitive advantage for your company: Based on the results of the test purchases, a sales training course is developed and carried out that precisely targets the weak points identified in the test purchases. This ensures a targeted training process without superfluous training units. Progress is measured and quantified by assessing the salesperson's performance through test purchases.

In addition to the seller-related topic, this program also reveals potential for optimization in your sales and logistics network.

Even if multi-channel readiness and digital technologies already require significant resource input for the stationary retail trade: The importance of excellent salespeople for retail success has never been greater.

With the improvements we can initiate together, you can boost your conversion rate online and offline!

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