Consumer Goods

Despite growing economic uncertainties, general conditions for consumption in Germany remain good, providing a solid basis for further growth. At the same time, German consumer goods market proves to be a highly competitive one and, above all, a subject to an extreme change.

Nowadays consumer goods no longer serve the sole purpose of satisfying basic needs. They also have to meet other requirements. This is evidenced by such trends as organic boom, convenience food, slow food, wellness instead of pure body care, ecologically compatible cleaning and washing detergents, natural cosmetics and much more.

Even the purchasing process itself no longer serves just to fulfill the demand. Shopping experience is shifting more and more into the foreground. The service and sales quality as well as the atmosphere during shopping and attractive action programmes play an important role.

What factors play a decisive role in a positive purchase decision? When is it defined by the price and when by the service? How is your product rated in comparison to the competing product? Is there potential for improvement? How successful is the marketing strategy of your product/brand? How will the demands change in the future?

With the help of innovative test purchase concepts, we find answers together to these and many other questions and search for solutions so that we can find a perfect position for your product in the highly competitive market.

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