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Through their product recommendations and their behaviour, sales people make a significant contribution to the customer's willingness to purchase. But studies have shown that customers who want to buy an electronic item often feel that they have not received sufficient advice. The main reason for this is the rapid change in technology and the consequent knowledge gaps of employees. A further problem can be the insufficient product availability at the point of sale. If the needs of the customers cannot be satisfied, this often leads to the migration of the customer to the competitor and consequently to the loss of profits for your company.

A systematic Mystery Shopping provides answers to questions that are crucial to your corporate strategy. We are measuring the quality of advice provided by sales assistants and are thus providing important insights. How do sales assistants react if the desired product is not available at the point of sale? Do they make a reference to the online store, if there is one available? What sales strategies do your sales people use? How are the benefits and advantages presented compared to the competitors? etc.

From the obtained results one can derive concrete measures, so that only top-informed and trained employees constitute the basis to permanently distance oneself from the competition and to bind customers to your company on a long-term basis.

We are the Mystery Shopping specialists and will work with you to develop a product tailored to your individual needs: from classic Mystery Shopping to a complete reproduction of the Customer Journey.

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