Advantage to those who know their competitors

A mystery shopping project is usually designed with a focus on your own company, with questions and evaluation schemes targeted specifically at your own processes and specifications. However, it is frequently overlooked that the best way to evaluate and assess one's own performance is to compare it with competing companies.

Therefore the execution of competitor tests, in addition to in-house mystery shopping, is always of great value. In this way, benchmarks of the most relevant comparison group, namely the direct competition, are obtained and improvements of one's own performance can be initiated precisely and with clear targets.

In addition to comparing your own performance, competitor observation can also generate new ideas and gain insight into other ways of working - both in positive and negative terms!

Ideally, competition tests should therefore be carried out systematically and continuously in order to always see your current performance in relation to your competitors.

We at transfer have detailed knowledge of the subject and the industry. For this reason, we are happy to include a competitive analysis already at the early project conception stage and advise you comprehensively on variants and possibilities of this powerful feature.

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