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Increasing digitalization also changes customer demands. As customers use all available channels for their purchases, boundaries between digital and stationary retail are becoming increasingly blurred.

For example, customers want to select products online and reserve or pick them up at a specific store. Or they look at products in the store and then order them online for delivery to their home.

In order not to lose potential online customers and to motivate more customers to make purchases and remain with your company in the long term, you need fully functioning processes and, above all, perfectly trained employees.

With our method we show you the areas where there is potential for improvement: With respect to your employees and to the application of your systems. We provide you with unique insights into how sales people behave when they are caught between online and offline trading and how employees respond to the needs of pre-informed or online-oriented customers. Based on these findings, you can derive specific recommendations for action and thus optimize techniques of sales and conclusion of your employees.

The improvements we have initiated will increase your conversion rate - both online and offline! This way you can achieve long-term success and remain competitive.

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